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HANDD Business Solutions have completed a number of projects where the overriding requirement has been to secure data exchanged between two disparate companies, the primary driver here is the ad hoc exchange data from one person to another, although inevitably companies tend then expand out their use to automating dataflows and file manipulation once they realise the power of the software. 

Note that I have said data, not files, people in companies are asking about the content of (certain content sensitive) emails being exchanged irrespective of whether there is a file attached.   Many of the Managed File Transfer Vendors already provide this capability as part of their feature set, but they are not evangelising about this to the market.  It seems to be the case that they expect the market to find this out for themselves – an interesting perspective.

Is the problem in the name, “Managed File Transfer”? 

There is a blending of the markets for B2Bi, Enterprise Application Integration, Transformation of Data and Secure Emails should and will be included in this.  This opens the opportunity up for a much broader market for MFT vendors – however how many will grasp the mantle?

Let’s take an example – public sector organisations have a number of private networks where they can exchange data, both files and emails securely, such private networks are GSI,, CJSM and so on, but they have to exchange data with other organisations outside of this private network.  How do they do it?

We know the answer, some of the vendors know the answer, but the technologies are still silo’d in people’s minds and this is not helped by the Gartner Quadrants which IT professionals use to pigeonhole the leading technologies to problems, but the problems are getting more complex and whilst there still are simple solutions to complex problems they need to be made clear to the market.

We are an independent consultant focused on providing companies visibility and control of data they exchange internally and externally and need to work at getting that message out there, so whatever data you are exchanging, in any format to people, businesses,  applications and systems, we can provide you a joined up solution.  But we and the vendors we work with need to work harder at making this clearer to the market.

Choosing the right vendor



Ad Hoc Transfer Module for MOVEit DMZ Enterprise
With the MOVEit DMZ Enterprise Ad Hoc Transfer module, authorized MOVEit DMZ Enterprise users can securely transfer files to anyone in the world using either a Web browser or Microsoft Outlook. Free Trial

logo_ipswitch Ad Hoc Transfer Module for WS_FTP Server
Used in conjunction with any of the industry-leading WS_FTP Server products, the Ad Hoc Transfer module enables companies to proactively manage file transfer and other interactions. Free Trial


gs_icon Send Files of Any Size Via Email - GlobalSCAPE Ad Hoc File Transfer is a method used to send files securely with your customers and business partners without the risks and hassles associated with email and FTP-based file transfers. It allows end users to easily attach and send large files while ensuring all data transfers are tracked, audited, and supported by IT - Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Server Enterprise. Free Trial

Boole Server

boole A security platform designed to protect against unauthorized viewing, manipulation or distribution of confidential data. Free Trial

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